Code of Conduct
Peachland Student Code of Conduct

Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property
Respect Learning
We try to keep our rules to a minimum, and to stress positive behaviour rather than having a long list
of things students are forbidden to do.
The goal of all our discipline practices is to change the behaviour for the better, rather than to just provide consequences for unacceptable behaviour.
We recognize the developmental nature of student learning, and that students at different grades and times in their lives will require different forms of redirection and guidance.  It is important for the adults in their lives to use careful judgement in helping students learn about their rights and responsibilities.

  • I have a RIGHT to learn.
    • It is my RESPONSIBILITY to listen to instructions, work quietly at my desk, raise my hand if I have a question, concern, or need to leave, and to complete assignments.
  • I have a RIGHT to hear and be heard
    • It is my RESPONSIBILITY to listen when others are speaking.
  • I have a RIGHT to be respected.
    • It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to tease or bother people or to hurt their feelings.
  • I have a RIGHT to be safe.
    • It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to threaten or physically harm anyone else.
  • I have a RIGHT to privacy and to my own personal space privacy.
    • It is my RESPONSIBILITY to respect the personal property of others, and to accept their right to privacy.

Peachland Elementary School upholds and promotes the BC Human Rights Code – respecting the right of all those in accordance with the law – prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, gender, gender identity and expression or sexual orientation – in its school environment.

Peachland Elementary – School-Wide Expectations

Eagles are:
All Areas
Computer Room
-Use your manners
-Be kind to others
-Take turns
-Listen to supervisors/teachers
-Play fairly
-Be a team player
-Be a good sport
-use an inside voice
-keep your hands and feet to yourself
-follow the library schedule
-be a good audience for presentations
-keep hands on own computer
-move quietly
-Be prepared for activities
-Listen to instructions
-Pick up your litter
-Help others if hurt
-Ask to leave if you need to get equipment
-Tag on grass area only
-Think before doing
-Include others
-Follow rules of the games
-Return equipment properly

- stay on task
- take care of books
- return books on time- push in chairs
- push in keyboards and chairs
-wrap & return headphones
-log in/log out
-keep hands and feet to yourself
-Use equipment appropriately

-Think ahead
-Watch where you’re going
-Wear appropriate gym clothes and shoes
-enter and exit in an orderly manner
- safe internet use
- keep chords in place
-eat or drink outside the lab only
- walk on the right hand side
-Do your best
-Have a positive attitude
-ask for help when needed
-Learn new games
-Learn from mistakes
-Be receptive
-Participate in activities
-become familiar with routines and procedures
-learn how to find materials
-share resources
-experts teach others
- read posted information
Student Code of Conduct 
Within the Peachland community, students are expected to exhibit a commitment to learning and achieving success.  
Guidelines for appropriate behaviour reflect the school’s philosophy of openness and mutual respect.  Conduct guidelines focus on the expectation that students will take personal responsibility for their behaviour.  This responsibility applies not only to academic studies, but also to the treatment of other people and the use and care of school facilities, equipment, textbooks and supplies.
Our behaviour guidelines are based on the “3 R’s:.  Students are expected to monitor their behaviour using the following guidelines.
If a student fails to exhibit their best behaviour in these areas a sequential, consistent, and fair discipline process will be put into effect.  Consequences applied for inappropriate conduct will be communicated to parents/guardians.  In addition to our school based guidelines and expectations, students at Peachland are expected to be aware that more serious violations of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance with S.D. #23 discipline regulations (Policy Reg. 5600).
Intervention Practices
When students are reported for contravening the Code of Conduct, the situation will be dealt with in the following manner.  Action plans for remediation and/or restitution (consequences) will be put into place at all levels.
Serious violations that contravene the school and district codes of conduct…. i.e. those that repeatedly occur, are dangerous to the safety of other students, teachers, and support staff, may cause health hazards, or may constitute criminal acts, could lead to the following consequences.
  • Definite Suspension (1-10 days) In-school or at home
  • Indefinite Suspension (in excess of 10 days) At home with no return to school until heard by the School District Discipline Committee
Please note:  School District #23 Discipline Regulations requires that the Principal must use discretion in determining the seriousness of the situation and that issuing of appropriate consequences may include, or be precluded by, counselor intervention.  A further requirement of policy is that the Principal shall ensure that students with unique needs are referred to school personnel for consideration where school or community based counseling services is required.