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Our Learning Story



Our Learning Story

Our Mission

Set high expectations, develop the whole child and provide an educational model designed to improve the achievement of all students by:
  • Emphasizing the importance of quality teaching
  • Early intervention and regular progress monitoring
  • Encouraging and valuing input and involvement of all staff, parents, students and the community at large

Our Characteristics

Peachland Elementary School is the only public educational facility located in the quiet rural, lakeside and lake-view community of Peachland, BC; with a population of approximately 5000 residents.  Our school currently enrolls 165 students, 10% having an Indigenous ancestry.  The majority of students who begin their schooling in Peachland stay with the school until the end of grade 5.

Our parents and local community have been excellent supporters for our school.  Peachland Elementary is very much a part of the social fabric of this great community.  Our community is very diverse, covering a wide range of socio-economic environments.  As such, we do our best to both celebrate our diversities and to foster a culture of inclusion and acceptance.

What does it mean to be an engaged learner at PLE?

We sought to answer this by asking our teachers, parents and students three questions:

1) What matters most to you as a (teacher, parent, student) at PLE?
2) What do you value most for the students and their learning?
3) What does this sound like, look like and feel like at PLE?

We completed this consultation process from October, 2019 to January 2020. All of the feedback has now been obtained, and key words have been used to create word maps (or "Wordles"), with the words most emphasized in the feedback being shown in larger print. This has been done for the parent feedback, teacher feedback and student feedback. Please refer to the "Our Inquiry Process" section of the site to see these Wordles.  Teachers used this feedback to create the vision statement at the top of this page, which will guide our work over the next few years. 

Then. in October, 2020, students, parents and teachers participated in Leader In Me survey to measure all aspects of school culture. The survey is called the Measurable Results Assessment, and here is some sample parent, student and teacher feedback:

Parent Feedback โ€œWhat can I say about... - Hightown Pre-School | Facebook

Sample Parent Feedback:

I am very happy that my children are being exposed to learning the habits which will benefit them for their entire lives. I know it is a smaller school just beginning to learn about Leader in Me and we are all working around COVID, however, I think it would be great if every child could find an opportunity to โ€œshine/find their voice/ feel like they are contributing to the school.โ€ I know my eldest son could benefit from this as he is reluctant to join in things. Thanks!

As a parent whose children have been at the school since before the inception of this program, I'd say this year is the first year they've started talking about some of the principles at home. We also like the daytimer the kids get, as our youngest, especially enjoys filling in the prompts, check-ins and goals.

Sample Student Feedback:

I really enjoy being in a leadership school it allows me to show my self and help others. When i help others or make an improvement I feel important and helpful.

I really like this school because it has been such a great influence on me and all of the other students. I love how we get to do so many leadership projects this year. I do like leader in me a lot.

I am really happy I go to this school because I have great teachers and great friends.

I really am happy to be part of the leader in me school.