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*The library is open from 8:05 - 8:25 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings to work quietly or read beginning October 1st!

*Intermediate students are allowed to take out three books each week and often may require more when working on research in the library or in their class. If a student has an overdue book, then they cannot take out another book until it is returned.
 Please be responsible for your books and take good care of them!
Library Days
 Tuesdays                   Wednesdays                     Thursdays
                       Legebokoff                 Ohlin                                    Randt
                       Poole                              Hendricks                         Koop
                       Cronck                          Ogg                    
Primary students are also encouraged to exchange books on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during our morning "open exchange" times!