Play Is The Way
We are excited to launch Play is the Way at Peachland Elementary this year!  Below is a brief description of this great program:

PLAY IS THE WAY® is a common sense way of interacting with children that educators can use with confidence.  It imparts a philosophy and language that children easily understand and eagerly embrace.

It makes sense that children are far more likely to thrive in socially and emotionally literate school communities.  PLAY IS THE WAY® is a behavior education (not management) program and process in which the entire school community (all adults and every child) can participate, grow and enjoy.

It is not a pencil and paper program with a finite set of lesson plans but a way of learning by doing – an experiential process that becomes a way of school life.  It is a part of everyday core business – an ever present, positive influence that supports both students and educators as they work through the many and varied experiences of school striving to achieve ever higher educational standards with comparative levels of emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Achieving both is not an easy task and it’s invariably harder if educators are not working in partnership with each other, students, parents and carers.

PLAY IS THE WAY® gives all parties a common language with key concepts and understandings around which to build communal responsibility for the desired outcomes of the stake holders.

School is working well when children can learn, play and be themselves in an environment free from threat, intimidation, fear or coercion.

PLAY IS THE WAY® helps build that environment and culture and sustains it for each and every year of a child’s life in school – a life which, if shaped well early, has every likelihood of flourishing as it transitions into adolescence and adulthood